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Schools & Apprenticeships

In accordance with their academic abilities, the children are being provided with the best possible education. The educational institutions our children attend range from free government schools (“Township schools”), to private schools to special needs schools and colleges. In accordance with a merit system our children have the chance to qualify for an educational grant, which enables them to attend better schools at higher fees. This “Von Der Becke Grant” is administered and sponsored by our affiliated swiss charity organisation “Förderverein Vulamasango Südafrika”.

Apart from that, we provide a wide range of activities, the acquisition of practical life skills and a holistic afternoon entertainment through our After School Care . After the completion of their schooling, the youth are provided with a wide range of opportunities such as practical skills training and apprenticeships in order to re-integrate the children into society and equip them with the necessary skills to live an independent life. Wherever possible, we link up our youth with bursaries for tertiary education (university and college degrees) or external apprenticeships. Youth in tertiary education and apprenticeships are still cared for within the project after reaching age 18 in our “Independent Living” section. We are furthermore striving to create internal apprenticeships in our organic vegetable gardens, wood workshop and sowing project, and within the social- and pedagogical component of Vulamasango (Child and Youth Care Workers). Even for our staff we provide numerous skills-training and adult education opportunities.