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ASC - After School Care

The ASC comprises of both our internal youth from the OVC section, as well as external children and youth from the neighbouring township of Samorra Machel and the illegal squattercamp directly adjacent to the farm, Siqalo. These external children still have a home to go to (most live with their mothers, or if they are orphaned, with a family member, neighbour or alternative caregiver), but all grow up under extremely impoverished and socially difficult circumstances and have often been exposed to poverty, violent crime, or even abuse and rape. We not only offer them safety from the dangers of daily life in the townships, but also provide them with access to education, homework supervision, sports and acrobatics. We provide workshops in such areas as the arts, music, dance and theatre. In addition the youth are offered workshops on topics such as HIV/Aids, sexuality, gender equality, cultural identity, and group counselling to overcome their traumatic childhood experiences. 

More information on our children, the admission criteria, living arrangements and schooling you can find here:





Government Registration (DoSD)


48 Youth (11-19 Years),
of which approximately 25% are internal
and 75% are external Youth